Modifying your Four Wheel Drive

If you’re planning to upgrade your four wheel drive, then give us a call and we can chat about the best bang for your buck and the right gear for your 4WD upgrade.

Four Wheel Drive Accessories

Remember that one modification can affect other areas and you need to take that into account. If you add a bull bar to your four wheel drive, then the suspension may have to be beefed up. If you add a lot of electrical gear, then you’ll have to make sure the charging capacity is there to keep it going. 

We can do any 4 X 4 modification you want including the most popular upgrades such as: Bull Bars, Winches, Recovery Points, Snorkels, Side Steps, Side Rails, 12V Power Upgrades, Driving Lights, Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers and Upgraded Suspension Systems to name a few.

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